” Unified communications must focus on the user,
be business-oriented, and integrate tightly with the enterprise information system “

Long gone are the clich├ęs of tech support and infrastructure maintenance, CIOs are now expected to show leadership in business-oriented management and be the advocates for their user base before technology vendors and service providers. This shift means getting the best bang for the buck and selecting the products and services that will meet and exceed expectations to give their enterprise the competitive edge.

In reality, the proliferation of vendors, including the cloud ones, is more an opportunity than a threat to the smart CIOs if they take the driver’s seat in compiling the best service packages for their business users.

Manage your own enterprise UC cloud like a pro

Use our comprehensive toolset to design, deploy and support your company’s UC services while leveraging local management and user selfcare

Comprehensive vendor support and a full spectrum of features

For maximum flexibility in assembling your own best-of-breed combination

  • A single intuitive destination for all your service provisioning needs
  • Strict monitoring of responsibilities for security enforcement
  • Employees can access to a rich feature set to configure and use as they need
  • Attain your ROI by promoting adoption while reducing management cost
  • Streamline and consolidate the deployment and daily management
  • Integrate your UC ecosystem with your enterprise IS
  • Free up your expert resources for high-value tasks
  • Real-time, historical feedback on service capacity

What you get with the Kurmi Software Enterprise Edition

A ready-to-integrate platform to integrate with your Enterprise IS

The Enterprise Edition puts into the hands of the CIO, the same robust technology used by Tier 1 service providers.

Grab the essential and lose the complexities:

A single instance that fits the organization of your enterprise
A suite of modules resulting from 8 years of experience in commercial and government agencies deployments
Connections to enterprise directories for multidirectional exchanges
The ability to create as many delegations and custom credential sets as needed
A unique portal that implements the best practices in ICT service management and selfcare
A rich catalog of connectors to interface with most technologies in the market (TOIP; messaging, presence, web conferencing, SBC, billing, etc.)